About Us

High quality support to clients

Our Mission

Merrynath Home believes in providing tailored support to individuals and families with complex special needs. We pride ourselves on being culturally sensitive and responsive to our client’s needs by giving them the option to choose services that meet their health and well-being goals.​

Our Team

Our team of dedicated staff has over 25 years of experience working with adults experiencing behavioural, psychiatric, social, emotional difficulties, developmental exceptionalities and mental health.

Our team is committed to providing high-quality support staff to assist clients in maintaining and improving their lives in their communities.

We emphasize the importance of individually tailored support and value a range of person-centered approaches to social care.

We strive to provide flexibility in servicing our clients, responding to everyone’s unique needs and preferences.

Government Support

Depending on your needs, the government has fundings available that can help in subsidising care. Merrynath Support Services can assist potential clients in finding these resources, including passport funding.